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第六十一期生命健康大讲堂----Dr. Kasun Hewage
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Dr. Kasun Hewage, Professor, P.Eng., FCSCE. FortisBC Smart Energy Chair; Program Chair, Civil Engineering; University of British Columbia (UBC) Clean Energy Research Centre (不列颠哥伦比亚大学UBC奥肯纳根分校土木工程系主任)

Prof. Kasun Hewage is a Full-Professor and FortisBC Smart Energy Chair in the School of Engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Canada. He is also the Associate Director of UBC’s Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC) and Co-Director of the Life Cycle Management Laboratory (LCML).  Prof. Hewage has multidisciplinary industrial experiences in Canada and internationally. Before joining UBC, Professor Hewage worked as a business management cost specialist in the oil and gas industry and as a civil engineer on hydropower and infrastructure development projects.

Prof. Hewage’s research specifically focuses on integrating life cycle thinking into urban development, energy policy, and infrastructure planning. The uniqueness of his research is its ability to go beyond standard assessments by analyzing products and processes from material extraction to end-of-life. His research team has assisted governments and infrastructure developers in achieving low-impact and net-zero developments in existing and planned communities. Prof. Hewage has authored/co-authored more than 300 publications in peer-reviewed journal articles and many book chapters and proceedings at national/international conferences.

Prof. Hewage is registered as a Professional Engineer. He is also a Fellow of Canadian Society of Civil Engineering (FCSE) (加拿大土木工程学会会士).